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56-Passenger Charter Buses

Every vehicle in our fleet of full size charter buses offer exceptional visibility and air ride suspensions for the ultimate smooth and comfortable ride. Our full size passenger coaches are from MCI the leading and premiere charter bus manufacturer. Our fleet features plush reclining seats, state-of-the-art climate controls, full audio-video entertainment systems, DVD players, restrooms, 3-point seat belt system, AC power outlets, Wi-Fi, and ample storage so you can relax on long journeys and be comfortable for shorter trips.

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  56 Passenger Charter Bus

Western Motorcoach features charter buses that offer accommodation for up to 56 passengers. Perfect for tours, school trips, sport teams, reunions, corporate events, and senior trips. Our large passenger coaches are designed to get large groups to and from their destination in comfort and worry-free.

  • Safe, Friendly, Professional Drivers

  • Individual climate control
  • Outstanding ergonomic, recline-able seating
  • Noise-reducing interior
  • Three-point seat belt
  • Ample leg space
  • Spacious Overhead Compartment
  • Large Luggage Bays
  • PA System
  • AM/FM Radio
  • DVD entertainment system
  • Clean, on-board restroom facilities
  • AC Power for charging your devices
  • WiFi to keep you connected

Go Green, Go Western Motorcoach

Motor coaches are 475% more fuel efficient than the hybrid car when it comes to fuel used per passenger, even when both vehicles are fully loaded the motor coaches still lead the race by 44%.

Coaches are also more efficient per passenger mile than planes and trains. Plus, they go everywhere people want to travel – to entertainment venues, vacation destinations, and even to work.

Highway congestion costs US taxpayers $72 billion annually in wasted resources and lost productivity. One motor coach can displace as many as 56 passengers cars from crowded highways. Bey keeping up to 425 million cars off of the US roads annually, motor coaches drastically reduce air, ground, water, and noise pollution. According to the American Bus Association, motor coaches deliver more than 146 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, and yield more people-moving efficiency per BTU than any other mode of transport. Motor coaches use 946 BTUs per passenger mile, compared to 3890 for planes and 2134 for trains.

All our motor coaches are equipped with diesel engines designed drastically to reduce polluting particulate emissions by 90 percent, running exclusively on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel.

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