Planning a Field Trip to an Amusement Park Using Group Transportation Services

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Taking a trip to an amusement park is usually thought of as a family affair, but amusement parks can be excellent trip for school children, and other groups. To have a successful trip, you must plan in detail especially the transportation of the group. Instead of having several vehicles, consider renting a bus to transport the entire group, and take the stress of driving out of your hands and leave it to the professionals. Renting a charter bus offers many benefits:

Someone Else Handles the Logistical Planning:

One benefit to using group transportation services to get your group to the amusement park and back again is that you don’t have to plan the travel route. You don’t have to worry about which roads to take or which to avoid. You don’t have to worry about where to stop for fuel.

When you call to make a reservation for group transportation services for your trip, you can give the transportation company your desired arrival time at the amusement park and the location where the group would meet for the trip. From there, the professionals can calculate a departure time.

 Take Advantage of the Travel Time:

If the trip to the amusement park is an educational trip, you can use the time on the road to present a lesson. Amusement park rides are common subjects of physics lessons, so you could review the physics of roller coasters and other rides on the way there. On the trip back, the low-key travel time is a great opportunity for closure on the day’s lesson. Discussing the lesson content while the trip is fresh in students’ minds can help them remember and truly understand the concepts.

Depending on what vehicle you reserve to get you to the amusement park, you might even have the use of a TV and DVD player to help you make your points. Flashcards, posters, think-pair-share with seatmates and similar strategies can be helpful on the ride, regardless of the vehicle that you are riding in for the trip.

Escape the Elements:

The Texas heat is a serious concern for a lot of people who opt to take trips during the summer. In the winter, the cooler air can become an issue. By using group transportation services for your trip, you have a climate-controlled ride. Most school buses cannot offer the luxury of air conditioning provided by motor transportation from companies specializing in group transportation services.

Using group transportation services, your whole class or group can get out of a sudden rainstorm. Since the buses are climate-controlled, you don’t have to put down the windows to be able to get fresh air. Windows stay shut and everyone stays dry.

Rather than face the crowds, have your lunch outside of the amusement park. Come back to the vehicle to enjoy your food in the air conditioning or warmth. That will provide you with a break from the elements until it is time to go back to the fun of the park.

Participants Can Enjoy a Safe and Comfortable Ride:

Climate control isn’t the only comfort measure that vehicles from group transportation services have. You and the participants of the trip will enjoy cushioned seats and a comfortable ride the whole way there and back.

Group transportation services also add a measure of security to your trip. Drivers, trained and licensed to operate commercial vehicles, will safely and professionally drive your group to the amusement park. These drivers, along with the large vehicles, can help to keep you safer on the roadway that what might be possible in smaller, personal vehicles.

Another benefit would be one that you likely won’t have to use. That is the ability to quickly get another vehicle to you in the event of a breakdown. Group transportation services enable you to focus on the participants of the trip while the drivers of the vehicles makes arrangements for another vehicle to come get your group.

Plenty of Space for Belongings:

Taking a group to an amusement park is a logistical challenge. People bring purses, backpacks or even ice chests with them. Some students might need a change of clothing for some of the water features and rides. While they are in the amusement park, group members might want to purchase souvenirs. Some people might play games and win prizes, including those enormous stuffed animals that get so much attention in amusement parks.

Using group transportation services means that you will have ample space for personal belongings. A word of advice—remind people to label their belongings so they don’t get mixed up. If people win larger prizes, they might opt to put their name on the tags of the items to identify them. You do not want arguments over whose four-foot tall stuffed bear is whose! As group leader, bring a permanent marker with you. You can label purchases and prizes won on the trip, as well as anything that wasn’t labeled at the start of the trip.

Peace of Mind:
As a class or group leader, you have enough on your mind. Turn the transportation challenge over to a professional company familiar with the logistics of group transportation services. Then you can concentrate on keeping tabs on all the students, providing solid instruction, and still enjoying peace of mind.