Chartering a Bus for a Group Event in Houston

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For any social gathering, there’s always a need for transportation to facilitate a comfortable and safe group travel. Many are turned away by the headache for arranging that kind of transport here in Houston. Leave it up to Western Motorcoach, Inc, experts in this field and take the weight off your shoulders  with our easy, seamless, and convenient charter bus rental service in Houston and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Advantages of Chartering a Bus

  • Save Money – Traveling by charter bus is cheaper than taking cabs or renting cars for a big group. Splitting the expenses among your friend will help further reduce your costs.
  • Safety – Hiring a shuttle service is safer for the whole group and everyone on board than to travel individually. With our skilled professionals, you can put your trust in them to get your to your destination safely.
  • Stress-Free – Traffic is the last thing you want to keep you from your gathering to begin. By renting a charter bus in Houston, you can start the party once everyone is on board and not let traffic slow your social gathering down and also takes away the hassle of making sure everyone knows where they’re going and not lost especially for the out of towners.
  • Fun For All – Everyone can enjoy the event and gathering and you won’t have to have a designated driver, since our professional will take care of all the driving. You can put all your attention towards the group and not miss a step in the conversation the rest of the party is having.
  • Go Green – Traveling by shuttle bus is greener and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Social Events

  • Weddings and Parties – Ever wanted to make sure your group will make your special event on time and safely? By renting a bus service for your event you can make sure everyone will get there on time and promptly not missing a second of the celebration.
  • School Event – Field trips, sport events, and other school events all need group transport service. We at Western Motorcoach, Inc have the experience and equipment to make sure we’re the Houston shuttle bus rental service you choose.
  • Corporate Travel – Company outing, company social outing, company retreat, or any or company events requires a partner in group transportation to make sure everyone gets to the company events on time.

If you’ve been wondering where to rent a shuttle buses in Houston for any major social events, Western Motorcoach, Inc is where you need to be checking for comfortable, affordable, reliable, and safe charter services.

Past Events

  • Chevron Houston Marathon
  • World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR)
  • Tour de Houston
  • Southwest International Boat Show
  • Shell Houston Open
  • Free Press Summer Fest
  • Comicpalooza
  • Texas Renaissance Festival
  • Original Greek Festival
  • International Quilt Festival
  • The Nutcracker Market