SXSW 2017: Just a Handful of What You Can’t Miss!

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SXSW 2017: Just a Handful of What You Can’t Miss!

South by Southwest Conference & Festivals celebrates the collaboration of the interactive, film, and music industry and takes place on March 10-19 of this year.

  1. Los Pollos Hermanos

Recognize it? If you were a fan of Breaking Bad, you know it’s the fried chicken eatery in the popular AMC TV show. You can find this pop-up restaurant for a short time in a parking lot in downtown Austin near 122 W. 5th St. The restaurant serves as a promotion for the spinoff show, Better Call Saul!

  1. One: Night & Casper Hotel

Ever want someone to sing you to sleep and read you a story? For just one- night for $99, you can. Located at the historic Austin Motel, you get a perfect night’s sleep on a Casper mattress and pillow, a Tesla car and driver to take you out, an invite to a special evening curated by future of storytelling, a pair of SuitSupply pajamas and a bedtime story read to you by a real-life mom. Just be ready to book at 3 PM each day!

Just need a place to refresh so you can go back out to enjoy the festivities? They have that too! Take a nap, a shower, or anything else you might need in a Casper “Refresh Room.”

  1. Resistance Radio

In honor of their drama The Man in the High Castle, Amazon Prime is putting together a WWII-themed rebel radio station. It will come complete with a photo booth, swag, and specialty themed cocktails!

  1. Waterloo Records Day Parties

Waterloo is Austin’s well-known record shop that hosts epic parties every year in their front parking lot. Don’t miss out on a number of bandss including – Minus The Bear, Chicano Batman, PWR BTTM, Cherry Claserr. They are also bringing some nostalgia back with Jojo!

  1. Bloody Mary Morning 

Presented by KLRU and Austin City Limits, Bloody Mary Morning offers free Shiner beer, Tito’s Bloody Marys and Tacodeli breakfast tacos. Do we need to say more? Head on over to the GSD&M Courtyard on March 16 where live music will be playing from the San Diego blues-rockers Little Hurricane, trance-y, dance-y quartet Sundara Karma and Lizzo!

We know the drive there and back can be brutal, especially when you are trying to coordinate a large group. We are always there to be of assistance. With our full service charter buses and reliable drivers at hand, we are here to do the planning for you. Call 832-328-1318 for a quote!