Ten Reasons Why Charter Buses Are The Best Way To Travel

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Reasons Why Charter Buses Are The Best Way To Travel

When you are planning just about any kind of event or outing, from a family reunion to a school trip, from a rehearsal dinner to a concert or big game, one of the critical factors in the success of the event will be your choice of transportation—how will you get everyone where you want to be when you want to be there? There are plenty of options. More and more, though, meeting planners, professionals and regular folks are turning to charter buses as the transportation mode of choice…and with good reason. Here are some of the top reasons to choose a charter bus from Western Motorcoach.com

  1. Flexibility—Your Trip Will Always Be One of a Kind

Can you imagine getting on a plane or a train and disembarking where you can walk to your destination? How about asking the pilot or the engineer if they’ll take a little side trip so that you can take in a scenic vista? It just won’t happen with air or train travel. But on a charter bus, you get to decide where you want to go, and your driver will take you right to your destination. If you want to stay a little longer or get there a little early, it’s usually not a problem. With a charter bus, you’ll ride in comfort from your point of departure to your destination, and you won’t have to worry about the time and expense of catching a cab or a shuttle. With a group of any significant size, the cost of taxi or ridesharing can take a big bite of your transportation budget.

  • Three Day Trip from Baltimore to Stamford, Connecticut for 50 people
  • Airfare: $320 x 50 =$16,000
  • Cab fare: $90 each way, three people sharing cab=$3,000
  • Total Transportation Costs for Air Travel: $19,000
  • Cost of Charter Bus: $1,642 (including administrative fees)


  1. Reliability—Cancellations and Delays Are Virtually Unknown

It’s virtually impossible, unless you’re traveling a short distance, to avoid air or train travel that requires that you make connections somewhere. That always raises the specter—what if your flight is delayed or canceled? Some studies show that up to 40% of all daily flights, affecting nearly a million air passengers every day, don’t arrive on time, increasing the risk of a missed connection. That’s never an issue with a charter bus. Your coach will be selected and prepared exclusively for your group. You’ll ride on the same bus for the entire trip, so there’s never a worry about making or missing a connection. Your driver will know in advance how to get where you are going, and will also have real-time access to information to deal with any traffic snarls or other challenges.


  1. You’ll Never Get Stuck in a Middle Seat!

You don’t have to be inordinately tall or large to find yourself feeling shoe-horned into a seat on any of the commercial airlines. On an airplane, most seats are just 17 inches wide and there are always three to a side in economy class seating. In addition, if you are six feet tall, you might be banging your knees on the fold-up table on the back of the seat in front of you, as the seat pitch (distance from the back of your seat to the back of the seat in front of you) is usually about 31-33 inches. On a charter bus, every seat is an aisle or window seat—no worries about cramming yourself into that middle set. In addition, even if there are 14 rows, usually the maximum on a charter bus, passengers still have about three feet of pitch with every seat.

Of course, one of the most frustrating aspects of airline travel is that, once you are in your seat, you feel like you need an act of Congress to get up and walk down the aisle for any reason. That’s never the case on a charter bus. You’ll never get the warning from the driver that you’re about to encounter some turbulence. If you want to get up and visit friends at any time, you are generally free to do so.

The additional space on a charter bus is also a boon to any larger passengers on your trip. The airlines have pretty strict regulations about the size of passengers and may assess with you with an extra seat fee if you take up too much space.


  1. You Won’t Have to Put Your Device on “Bus Mode”

Think about all those aspects of air travel that make it such a hassle—they simply aren’t a concern on a charter bus:

  • You can be on your device any time you want to be—most charter buses offer the full range of modern technological conveniences, from Wi-Fi to USB ports, from places to plug in your MP# player to DVD players. There won’t be any attendants roaming the aisles looking to see if you’re on the phone.
  • You can take all the stuff you need—Well, within reason! But you won’t have to pay an extra fee to bring a suitcase, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your luggage. It’s with you all the time.
  • There’s no waiting in the TSA line—That’s because there is no TSA line! You won’t have to take off your shoes, submit to a pat-down or worry about losing your new bottle of shampoo.
  • You won’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for lunch—Those food prices at the airport will break the bank in a hurry. With a charter bus, you can bring your own grub-hey, you can even bring a cooler stocked with your favorite adult beverages!
  • There are no hidden fees—You won’t have to pay extra for luggage and there’s no charge for headphones, access to Wifi, or any other amenities, including the bathroom!


  1. It’s Hands-Down the Most Hands-Free Way to Travel

There’s no other mode of transportation that provides the comprehensive travel coverage you’ll get on a charter bus. You won’t ever have to look at a map, stop and fill the tank, or check your watch. You won’t need to hail a cab or haul your suitcase across an air or train terminal. There’s less time wasted before you leave as well—with a charter bus, you only need to be there 15-30 minutes before departure, not the two hours necessary at the airport. Our professional drivers will handle all the details, so you get to put your feet up, take a snooze, hang out with friends or take in the scenery. If you’re talking about total relaxation and pure vacation—this is the way to go!


  1. Charter Buses Are Safe and Secure

There’s limited access to a charter bus. As a result, it’s almost impossible for an unwanted guest to come on board. You can usually relax, knowing that any personal items you leave on the bus will be safe while you’re out having fun. In addition, our drivers all have outstanding credentials and have been through extensive training to ensure your safety. Research consistently shows that bus travel is a much safer option than getting behind the wheel of your own car. In addition, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while on a charter bus, the chances of serious injury or death are far less likely than in a car.


  1. Charter Bus Travel Is Far and Away the Most Affordable Way for a Group to Travel

Consider this comparison—a weekend trip from New York City to Chicago, with 56 people in the entourage, will cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $32,000 for economy class travel, depending on how far in advance you book. The cost for the same trip on a luxury charter coach? Less than $7,000! What if you just want to take a group to a concert a couple hours away? The cost for a charter bus for up to eight hours is approximately $28 per person. If you travel in your own vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll spend more than that on gas and parking. Studies also show charter bus travel to be less expensive than Amtrak fares—as much as 50 percent cheaper. Traveling by charter bus allows you to spend most of your money when you get there, and not on getting there!


  1. There’s a Coach That’s Just Right for Your Group

Charter buses offer a lot of options, both in the size of the coach, as well as the amenities offered. If you are traveling with a small group, you may be able to book a party bus, where you’ll have a bar and even a dance floor. You can make certain that there are on-board restrooms, DVD players, PA systems and other features.


  1. More Than Room to Breathe—Cleaner Air to Breathe, Too!

Think about this—if you and one other driver decide instead to travel together by bus, you’ve cut your carbon emissions in half! Imagine the difference you can make when 40 or 50 of you leave your cars at home and travel by charter bus. According to many studies, bus travel tends to be the best travel option if you want to help the planet.


  1. It’s the Best Way to Move Any Large Group

Whether it’s a bunch of school kids, a group of retirees, a passel of Astros fans or a number of convention attendees, there are many advantages to doing it by charter bus. Everyone gets on and off together, so there’s less headache in trying to keep track of everyone. If you need to make general announcements, you can typically do so once, while you have everyone’s attention. Because there’s no security to worry about every time you get on and off the bus, you’ll lose less time moving people from one place to another, and you can enjoy more time at dinner, shopping or at your destination.